Tips for Managing a Growing Team

Effectively ways to manage a growing team

Managers today are now more conscious that they have to develop a sound strategy to help lead their business to success. They are aware that simple changes in company policies are not enough anymore. Successful companies use innovative management styles to create a workplace culture and environment that resonates with their team.

Use the following tips on how you can effectively manage a growing team:

1. Use Hybrid Management

In a dynamic organization, leaders have a tendency to be too comfortable with their personal styles and their process of decision making. Make sure the hiring decisions and allocation of funds are not unilateral and impulsive. You want to get everyone involved in making important decisions that can affect the company.

Using hybrid management, leaders are pushed into an environment that is very collaborative as this helps them open their minds to new ideas. This kind of management also allows for a more fluid core environment. When a leadership team is created to address company-wide strategies, this allows more individuals to contribute, and this is essential for business growth.


2. Workplace Culture Is Vital

Regularly assess current and future employees’ attitudes to make sure their team dynamic is evolving as the business grows. The bigger your business grows, the more important it becomes for you to have a clear definition of the culture that you want. You want a relaxed culture of freedom and fun, especially if you have a small group. Whether you are managing a small or a big group, what’s important is that you identify the core aspects of your desired culture. Make sure also that these aspects are always taken into consideration in new policies.


3. Management Begins in the Hiring Process

You need to find the perfect blend of qualified and skilled workers whom you can trust to nurture your business. You need to have a clear picture of what types of people you want right from the start. You want to update your roster as well by identifying what skills you already have and what other skills you need.

By committing to a specific process for hiring employees, it will become easier for you to determine the changes in personnel and roles that your company required. It is also very important that there be open communication between human resources and managers so that there will be a unified approach to the process of hiring.


4. Take Advantage of HR Technology

Investing in the right human resources software platform can be very helpful in meeting your business needs, both the present and the future ones. Especially if your company is growing, you this becomes an even more important investment. This can also help alleviate problems with making decisions related to hiring personnel and managing people.

Good executive coaching programs always emphasize the need of growing teams to embrace the required changes. Leaders need to have a clear idea of what they want for the company’s future, and they should also keep an open mind when it comes to identifying ways to reach those company goals.

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