Tips For The Executive Mom

Being a full-time mom and full-time executive is no easy task, and it can be difficult to reconcile these two time consuming challenges. Yet, there are ways to mitigate the inevitable stress associated with such a busy yet rewarding lifestyle. In this light, I have listed a few key ways executive mothers can manage both work and home without sacrificing their most precious resource, time.

Let Go of the Guilt.

Don’t feel bad about not being with your children every minute of every day. Instead, embrace the benefits that your job brings to your family. You can enroll your children in additional classes or schooling opportunities that will further their education because of your job. Additionally, you can put away more money for your kids’ tuition and ensure they receive a good education without the need to stress over finances.

Of course, there will always be good and bad days, but there is no reason to stress yourself further simply because you are unable to appreciate what your job is already doing for your family.

Find Quality Childcare

Reach out to your social network for specific nanny, babysitter, and daycare center referrals. By asking for personal recommendations from people you trust, you are sure to find a sitter or daycare you are comfortable with taking care of your child.

Before reaching out, you may want to consider creating a list of criteria that you believe to be most important for a sitter. Then, schedule time to meet the facilities and caretakers who meet said criteria, and make your decision from there. Sharon Tepper (the president of Brownstone Nannies) says you should hire nannies with a history of long-term commitments to families. After all, the best nanny is one that your children are familiar with, one that is willing to work with you over the course of months or years.

Get Organized the Night Before.

Mornings can be particularly hectic when trying to balance your own schedule with your children’s if you fail to get ready the night before. Trying to pack lunches while arranging notes for a conference is ineffective at best and disastrous at worst. Make sure your morning runs smoothly by laying everything out the night beforehand. Pack lunches and arrange notes when you have time, not when you are already running late.

Schedule time for your kids.

It sounds very corporate, but be sure to pencil your children into your schedule. With everything that you have to get done for work, it is still critical that you plan to spend time with them. Planning family outings is one such way to accommodate for your children—plus, it gives the entire family something to look forward to at the end of the week.

In between larger trips, small bonding experiences such as reading together or cooking a favorite meal can be both productive to your child’s learning while bringing you closer together.

Being a mom and working full-time is no easy feat, but it’s also not an impossible task. With a bit of organization and mental orientation, you can be both a breadwinner and a devoted mother.