Tips on How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Ways to beat self-doubt and negativity

When it comes to sabotaging your own career or business, the easiest way is to let self-doubt and other negative circumstances take control of your decisions. Below you will find some tips on how you can overcome your self-doubt so that you can become a better and more confident leader.

Stop Making Lame Excuses

Typically, what self-doubt does is make you rationalize a situation in order to fit your emotional state. It could be your fear of failure, looking bad, or taking on huge responsibilities that push you to make lots of excuses for why you don’t want to grab the opportunities that come your way. Excuses are huge mental barriers that prevent you from being successful and taking advantage of the great things around you.


Beware of the People You Surround Yourself With

It’s a fact: The people we spend a lot of time with can have a huge influence on us, whether it is consciously or not. Thus, it’s important that you choose the kind of people you surround yourself with. What are their effects on you as a person? When you are with them, do you feel better or worse about yourself? If you want to be more confident with yourself, then choose to hang out with those people who will make you feel good about yourself.


Be More Self-Aware

Self-awareness is one of the most important and powerful tools for self-growth that you need to use. You need to be able to understand clearly what’s causing your self-doubt. What actually triggers your doubts? Once you have figured out what is making you doubt your own abilities and capabilities, it will be much easier to address them.


Have More Self-Compassion

Self-compassion means being kind to yourself. According to experts, self-compassion or lack of it can have a huge effect on your mental health. The more you love yourself, the less worried and anxious you become, and the more satisfied you can be in your life. To be more compassionate to yourself, you should learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes and wrong decisions.


Stop Looking for Validation

It’s okay to seek other people’s advice and input, but you should not form a habit of asking for others’ opinion before you make a decision. When you become dependent on what other people say, you are losing control of your own decision-making. When this becomes a habit of yours, your faith in yourself will continuously fade and weaken, and this is where self-doubt starts.


Block Your Negative Thoughts

Your negative thoughts play an important role in your growing self-doubt. You should make an effort to block the negative thoughts in your head, and transform them into positive thinking. When you feel that your inner voice is starting to say that you CAN’T, immediately think of reasons why you CAN.

Overcoming your self-doubt can be a long process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. There are people who can help you, particularly an experienced personal coach.

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