Unique Qualities That Make Women Great Leaders

Characteristics of a successful and effective woman leader

For many people, the success of a woman is primarily out of “luck”. While it is true that luck is the ultimate game-changer, it isn’t enough to make a woman a great leader. A woman becomes a true great leader because of her dedication, perseverance, commitment, and intelligence. These are the traits that help women excel in the corporate world where they are not so often expected to do well.

So what characteristics do you need to possess that become a successful and effective woman leader?

Perseverance. There are so many challenges that may come your way as a leader. In fact, you can’t expect everything to go your way or according to your plans. But still, you should take such opportunities to show your stability as a leader by being resistant to whatever may be stopping you from being creative and effective. Your perseverance will also motivate everyone else in your organization to do the same and enhance their performance.


Being Nurturing. In the past, being soft or having a nurturing spirit wasn’t considered an asset for a woman. These traits used to make them look weak and vulnerable. People think differently now, though. A woman’s nurturing character is now seen as the reason why she is just, fair and capable of seeing how to hold people accountable for their actions.


Self Confidence. Every career expert would agree that confidence is an important ingredient of great leadership. Knowing what you can do and being confident in your own capabilities gives you credibility and the right to lead. What’s special about women is that they are able to grow their confidence in their skills by being open to feedback or even criticisms. They also know how to maintain meaningful relationships, which gives them a chance to develop certain skills and expertise with the guidance of others who know better.


Generosity. Women are naturally generous because they easily feel how much others need something. Their willingness to help also allows them to be trusting and trustworthy as well. Thus, it doesn’t seem to be difficult at all to work with them. In fact, many prefer to work with women also because they are willing to spend time to communicate and listen to others.


Sense of Balance. One very important trait that a good leader must have is the awareness of the importance of keeping the balance between career and personal life. Well, women are so good at this, particularly in recognizing what’s important in their lives. As such, they don’t take for granted the importance of spending time with their family, and also the need for them to take care of themselves. For them, self-care isn’t vanity or being selfish. Instead, it is a vital element of survival.


Vision. To be a great leader, you must not limit yourself to becoming an expert in your own industry only. Good leaders have the ability to see what bigger role they have to play. They take the time to look at the bigger picture and figure out how they can be relevant. Women always look ahead and ways to get opportunities for themselves and others. Women have a vision, which allows them to stay ahead and be an inspiration to other people. And so, it isn’t surprising that when it comes to making great career moves, you can always count on women to know what they are doing and what they want to achieve.