We Can Improve Our Future Vision

Without having a crystal ball to see into the future, we remarkably can improve our 2020 vision.  Away from distractions and dedicating ourselves to the quiet, is the first step to changing what we currently see.  We are to give keen attention to our worst and best lessons.  And then recall our experiences throughout the growth into our careers. 

Our serious consideration of the past, will have us recognize the signs of what can be in the future.  The reminiscing reveals what holds importance to us and how we may apply those events to improve our future vision.

Motivation with the willingness to incorporate change is our game changer.  Advising others on how to achieve their vision can be the ultimate gift that we share.  My 2020 vision is sharper than ever, and I invite you to join me in the project.

My goal is to empower those having a desire to either enter the executive level or dynamically grow a business. We each have unique experiences.  As we accept the ideas of others and apply those that meet our criteria, we can advance more quickly. The desire is to help younger people succeed in their endeavors.

For years, I have written about the better strategies and tactics that lead to business growth and an increase in sales.  But I’m one person.  Should more women join  forces, we can teach younger women how to rise up in the corporate world to the executive suite or became a successful entrepreneur.  The personal touch goes much further and has a lasting effect.

When we come together as one and lend a helping hand, the magic begins to enter the picture.  By honestly sharing how we overcame the bad situations to experience the good and encourage others to do the same, we will help many to climb out of their sinkhole.


The Grander Upside:

  • Improve morale in the workplace
  • Contribute to grooming successful entrepreneurships
  • Further ideas for a collaborative effort
  • Help improve the bottom-line for individuals and possibly the economy in general
  • Satisfaction in realizing that we helped many


Too Idealistic?

Before I entered into entrepreneurship, I pledged, while on a stretcher with an irreparable broken neck, to help communities in need.  My promise came with a request that I survive and possess the ability to walk out of the hospital.  The staff deemed me a walking miracle.  The promise I made is with me at all times.

Initially, I wanted to train new entrepreneurs with better sales and communication skills.  Incredulous looks from the men suggested a need to step up my credibility.  I was advised to write a book. The awful and hidden corporate stories saw the light of day in my book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results.  It details the worst of corporate and how I strategically surpassed the men.  The stories and helpful tips landed in the hands of women around the world. 


The magic of helping:  my first attempt at writing became an International Best-Seller.  

Embarrassing the salesmen by becoming the top producer, I found a need to interview for a new sales job each year.  The experiences taught me how to perform well in interviews.  My service afterward became teaching job seekers how to do the same.

The magic of helping: The many thank you notes for being able to secure their desired job encouraged me further.  The bonus was recognizing the need to write the book, HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews.


It is appalling to realize that not much has changed for women in the workforce.  The pay scale is still terribly lopsided; few women are in executive positions or on The Board; respect is severely lacking, and all of this contributes to low morale. It’s a cesspool when it comes to hiring, quitting, re-hiring, and then repeat.  All of this does not contribute well to the economy. 

By looking back and then forward, I realize that the hideous experiences made me stronger and contributed to my success.  The key is,

 “Do Not Quit, but learn from every occurrence and everyone.

Opening our minds to what others do differently paves the way for us to embrace the best and move forward.

Together, we can change the environment and improve our future vision.


Your Perspective

Do you remember beginning in your career, feeling the pressure, and fearful about the odds for success? One of the better lessons learned is to admit what you don’t know and ask many questions until the understanding is yours.  The client answers to questions pave the way for selling well.

Stepping back to face fearful ideas make the difference for entrepreneurship.  The corporate sales field is so highly competitive that the concept of collaborating may be a frightening idea for you.  Assurances are that the idea proved itself to be outstanding many times over. 


The Magic In Helping:  Improve Our Future Vision

  • Grow a larger audience
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Attract new offers such as interviews and collaborative efforts
  • Increase satisfaction in your work
  • Become motivated to achieve more

Please consider contributing to the Smooth Sale Friday Blog project and help spread the word. Upon hearing your interest, the guidelines will be sent.  When your contribution arrives, we will add it to the queue. The more extensive the array of accomplished contributors, the better will be the results. 

Together we will make a difference, and our future vision will significantly expand in the land of opportunity for all.

Our goal is to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!