Wellness Tech to Try this Year


Living a healthier life is something millions of people are trying to accomplish more in recent years than ever before in our history. While making dietary and other lifestyle changes are not easy; new tech innovations help us to stick to our decisions and track our progress. These wellness tech inventions are just a few examples that can make healthy living more efficient.

Sense by Hello for Problem Sleepers

A good night sleep goes a long way for someone’s overall move. This circular device is handy for those of us who experience trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. If you’re looking for a remedy that doesn’t involve medication, meditation etcetera, this smart device might just do the trick. It analyzes the environment of your bedroom, such as humidity and temperature, while also examining your sleeping patterns. Then it records even the most minor sleep disturbances, so it can provide you with a detailed analysis of your sleeping cycle, which provides insights into how you can improve your sleep. The device also offers a fairly hassle-free approach to tailoring your sleep methods. Voted one of the best sleep trackers of 2018, it offers a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design.

The Millo Blender

If you live on smoothies, but find a regular blender too cumbersome, the Millo Blender might be the right choice for you. The manufacturer claims that, unlike other blenders, Millo can be used anytime and anyplace without causing a disruption. They claim it’s quiet enough that it won’t even wake someone sleeping nearby (which is great if your household also applies to gadget one). Additionally, sensors examine the contents of the blender to tell you exactly what the consistency is of the liquid inside. This means you can make your smoothie as creamy or as lumpy as you choose.

The Fitbit Blaze is for Busy Runners

Although it may look similar to the Apple iWatch, the Fitbit Blaze is slightly different. First and foremost, it’s a fitness tracker that also measures your heart rate, making it indispensable to runners interested in keeping a record of their progress. Additionally, it will let you read messages on the go and will even let you access your calendar. If you live a busy lifestyle, being able to access your alerts, even while you’re enjoying a workout, can make all of the difference. On top of these numerous features, the Fitbit Blaze boasts a battery life of up to five days.

Living healthier means eating healthier foods and living a more active lifestyle, as well as living happier with a better quality of sleep and reduced stress. All of these changes can be more easily implemented with the use of the new devices mentioned above. By incorporating wellness tech into our lives, we can live longer and happier lives.