What Do You Want to Achieve Ultimately?

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Today’s blog title, ‘What Do You Want To Achieve Ultimately?’ relates to business and includes the infamous ‘bucket list.’ In our youth and beginning phase of adulthood, we do not realize that life is fragile. As we mature, we come to recognize that our life can turn upside down in an instant. It is the reason why so many people create a unique bucket list of activities to complete while they still can.

We all saw the perfect example of life uncertainties via the Covid19 virus. Traffic accidents, tornadoes, and other unexpected tragedies make the idea of maintaining a bucket list even more meaningful. Whenever possible, it is fulfilling to check off something on the list as we pat ourselves on the back, knowing we did it!

My Story
My goal was to be in business in my younger day, although the societal expectation was to get married and stay home. A business career was for the men; accordingly, the sales profession was an absurd thought on my part. And then, after a successful sales career, the commentary went downhill upon my announcing I was a sales trainer. In person, I did my best to maintain a smile while at home; I sometimes punched a pillow to let the steam out. 

But even when things appear to be quickly going downhill, I always keep in mind what I want to achieve ultimately. Motivation, perseverance, and using negativity as my motivating force to continue are my differentiators for moving past. Long ago, the song ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ was released, and I immediately felt a deep connection with the title.

A good companion for what we want to achieve ultimately is in maintaining a bucket list. The term refers to, ‘when I have the time and-or the money I will do.’ Sadly, most people tuck their ideas away, unable to find the time or money to do what will matter to them. It is with delight that BizCatalyst 360 is inviting the public to join their Bucket List event. They have a diverse lineup of speakers ready to provide their insights and inspiring thought. You may click this link to register free of charge.

For me, the bucket list topic is almost always about travel to countries I have not yet visited. But as I mentioned above, life is fragile. Due to a near-death experience, my goal became helping communities however I may. Service began by teaching job seekers to interview well by using successful sales and communication strategies. The service continues to expand through speaking, writing, and sharing insights on social platforms. I always attempt to add motivation for continuing despite circumstances around us and include tactical strategies for a better outcome.  

Today, a commitment is in place for helping two organizations improve diversity and inclusion globally. The effort stems from prior experiences that go unappreciated. My combination of perseverance and striving to help others move past barriers gained recognition this past week. To my surprise and delight, CIO Views Magazine includes my story in the article entitled, ‘One Of The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders Making A Difference.’  

Your Story:  What Do You Want To Achieve Ultimately?
You may hear that your goals are too lofty and unrealistic. But does anyone truly know all of your capabilities today and through time?

Remind yourself to pay more attention to what holds importance to you than to the misspoken claims of those in your circles. Become your motivational coach with the daily routine of giving yourself a pep talk. Then, on the days that the critique is too much to bear, consider hiring a coach who will motivate, inspire, and provide new ideas for advancement.  

Include in your activities:
A continuing bucket list to achieve and cross off as complete
Continual goal setting for what you want to achieve ultimately
Remaining abreast of new development that may affect your desire
Flexibility for achieving the ‘best for last.’

Should you be uncertain about a far-stretching goal, keep it to yourself and only share with those you completely trust. The last thing you want is to have someone talk you out of achieving what holds importance. One of the worst feelings is to live life with regret. 

If you have ever known someone who gave up on their dreams, you will not want to do the same.

Similar to anything we attempt in life, brace yourself for the ‘trial and error’ experience. The errors become our guides for how to improve the effort to find success. Flexibility is a requirement for almost everything new we attempt. Most of all, when we want something badly enough, we will find a way. Adopt the philosophy to find your way and enjoy life with a smile on your face knowing you could achieve the seemingly impossible.

Sales Tips:  What Do You Want To Achieve Ultimately?
1. Envision the last day of your career, and you see it as your best achievement.
2. Find quiet time to reflect on what you already have achieved.
3. Recall the obstacles you moved past to get to where you are today.
4. Admit to your conscience what you want to achieve ultimately.
5. Meanwhile, develop a bucket list of activities to complete that will bring a smile.
6. Confer with trusted friends to see if they may add useful ideas to move forward.
7. Ask people who have experience for help as need be.
8. Feel the proud moments of accomplishing pieces of the larger vision.
9. Motivate yourself to persevere to be able to say proudly, ‘I did it!’
10. Celebrate Success!