What does the Women Enterprise Alliance do?

Aisha Babangida introduces the Women Enterprise Alliance and what they do.

In recent years, more focus has been put on how Nigeria can continue to improve gender equality and development. In order to achieve this, numerous organizations have been created, including the Women Enterprise Alliance. The Women Enterprise Alliance is a non-government organization that helps women achieve long-term success as entrepreneurs by providing the resources they need. 


Women Enterprise Alliance Goals
Since its inception, the Women Enterprise Alliance has created a number of goals that can help women find success through a career in Nigeria. One of their primary objectives is to help provide the funding for 5,000 female entrepreneurs to enter the workforce. By placing women throughout the workforce, the organization hopes to create 100,000 jobs over the first five years of its inception. In doing so, Nigeria can continue to evolve and grow through women-funded businesses. 


Women Enterprise Alliance Services
As part of their commitment to helping women achieve long-term success as entrepreneurs, the Women Enterprise Alliance provides a number of useful services. Working with their partners, the organization works to help build high-quality companies that women can find long-term success in, as well as funds businesses created by women entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

The organization works with women to find them the industry and position that fits their strengths and goals. Some of the industries that the Women Enterprise Alliance works with include education, healthcare, retail, and fashion. The organization also provides useful resources for women looking to jumpstart their careers, which include capacity building, mentoring, coaching, and access to financial resources. 


If you want to learn more about the Women Enterprise Alliance and its impact on women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, make sure to visit their website at https://www.wena.org.ng.