What Good Leadership Looks Like in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most people have also found that their relationship with work has changed during the pandemic. They don’t want to tire themselves out working all day every day; they would rather skip the commute and spend time with their loved ones. Conversely, others have realised they need the social interaction that comes with being in the office. This change in perspective has been a challenging hurdle to overcome for employers. They don’t know to effectively lead in this strange new world. So, today we thought we would discuss some of the things that make a good leader in the world post-COVID. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Being Understanding
Everybody has been struggling in the pandemic. Whether they have lost a loved one, been with somebody who is shielding, struggled with isolation, or felt overwrought with anxiety, their emotions are valid. Good leaders will recognise how difficult things have been for their employees and fully empathise. Exceptional circumstances require making an exceptional effort.

Being more lenient with your workers isn’t a sign of weakness, either. It shows that you understand. Kindness will take you much further than discipline, boosting morale and increasing retention.

Prioritising Safety
Employers have a duty of care to their workers. This isn’t just a legal requirement, but an ethical responsibility as well. Good leaders during the pandemic have always prioritised the safety of their staff above all else – even if this means that they lose some profit along the way. After all, our physical health is forever, whereas money is ephemeral. To effectively protect employees, leaders have invested in innovative cleaning solutions like the VIOA sanitising system for their offices. They have also enforced new policies to ensure social distancing is being upheld at all times and that sufficient ventilation is available.

Being Adaptable
Everything seems to be constantly changing at the moment, making it difficult to adjust. Regulations are always being updated, working remotely has replaced office spaces, and supply/demand has been affected. Good leaders in the pandemic have managed to adapt to these changes without losing their cool or taking a misstep. They have consistently been evaluating the situation and creating action plans for each new development, rather than soldiering in blindly and putting their business (or workers) at risk. Even if they do make a mistake, these leaders have taken feedback on board and pledged to do better.

Clear Communication
Communication is everything. It is what makes or breaks leaders. The best employers have been very proactive about keeping their employees informed during the pandemic. If any changes occur, they immediately issue statements and readily respond to questions. It is difficult to communicate bad news, but this is much better than omitting the truth. Good leaders have also been consistent with their messaging to employees. Rather than always changing their position on matters, they stick to their word. If they make a promise, they follow this up with action.

These are some of the main things that make a good leader in the pandemic. Being transparent, understanding, adaptable and prioritising wellbeing is key.