What Is Your USP?

If you can determine your USP – otherwise called your ‘unique selling proposition’ – your business can thrive much more easily than if you can’t. Your USP is what makes you different from everyone else, and it is, therefore, exactly what you need to know to use in your marketing. Even if there are many businesses that are similar to yours, your USP (and using it properly in your marketing) will help you to be seen amidst them all. That could be the difference between success and failure.

Some businesses have a USP that is easy to spot, but others can take some more time to determine exactly what it is. It might be hard, but it is always possible, and if you are struggling to work out your USP, read on for some ideas on how to do it.


The Features And Benefits

The easiest way to determine your USP is to note down what the features and benefits of your products or services are. What is it that they do that helps others? Why would people want to buy them, and what difference would employing you make in their lives? These different features and benefits could be exactly where you can find your USP, even if you are selling a similar product to someone else.

Of course, you might discover that the features and benefits that you are coming up with are already being used in a competitor’s marketing. If so, it doesn’t have to be a problem. You can still use that information to sell; you just might not want to use it in your marketing.


Could It Be You?

In some cases, the business owner themselves is going to be the USP. Although this is not something that can be sustained long term, it means you won’t get a break or that no one will be interested in buying your business from you when you are ready to retire. After all, without you, there is no value. However, it can be something you use to your advantage at the start.

What do you do differently to others? Do you know your customers by name, perhaps, or do you send them a gift on special occasions? Maybe you take the time to talk to them, or you have workshops that offer them advice and information. It could be anything, from telling them about your t-shirt business model to explaining how a specific piece of equipment works. Whatever it is, it could definitely be your USP.


What Is Special?

What is it about your business that is special and cannot be imitated? It might be something we have already mentioned above, but it doesn’t have to be. If it really is something that only you do, then the ‘unique’ part of your USP is covered, and you can use this special knowledge, action, or product or service to make yourself different to the rest and prove it to your customers.

Don’t worry about your competitors copying you; if you were the original, then customers will know that you did it first and that your competitors are simply trying to cash in on what you do.