Why 15 Inspiring Female Leaders Are Inspired to Lead

Note:  Janice B. Gordon, Scale Your Sales, provides Why 15 Inspiring Female Leaders Are Inspired to Lead. It is a highly inspiring collaborative effort designed to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021. 
Scale Your SalesJanice B. Gordon
On International Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate and profile some of the women guests of Scale Your Sales Podcast.  

I started Scale Your Sales Podcast because I was tired of hearing from men in sales and words like crushing and killing sales. I do not know about you, but I do not want bullies pressuring me into buying. I wanted to hear more from women’s voices. The best way to make a change is to be the change you want to see. To date, the show has completed interviews with 41 women in the 72 episodes, and we are exceeding our goals.

I have been a champion of diversity since organizing the first ethnic minority careers fair in the UK in the mid-1990s. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to hear the orchestra of women’s voices from around the world. Here are the voices of fifteen of our Scale Your Sales podcast guests sharing their inspiring insights to lead on International Women’s Day. Strikingly, they do so in their authentic style, and they all #ChoosetoChallenge.

Inspiring Insights To Lead Delivered By Our 15 Guests:
Over time, I have become used to being “the only” in a room. The only translates to the only woman, the only millennial, the only diverse person. Sometimes, all those tags are at once. But I have learned that being “the only” can be a superpower. So be yourself and believe in yourself. Do not downplay the qualities that make you unique; #choosetochallenge the status quo by embracing them to the fullest! Rakhi Voria.

Choose to challenge the box people put you. Do not allow ‘the box’ to limit you. Decide every day to burst out of the box, ask questions, make suggestions, and make your views heard. You might not ‘belong’ in certain circles. The circles refer to a specific job role, leadership levels, or industries, but you stand out on the positive side. Make the most of the spotlight on you to showcase your talent and your hard work! Such Pathak.

Body language is one of the principal global communication methods. It is more easily transferable than the spoken word. Females naturally express their body language more than men. We need to challenge those that judge us against archetypal standards. To create a society that acknowledges diversity and recognizes different behaviors by appointing women to company boards and government roles. Carole Railton.

I believe great leaders need breaks. Take the time to rest, rejuvenate and create. #BoldLeadership I am doing that right now, and I hope you plan to take some time this year to do the same.  Alice Heiman

Selling is not something you do to someone; it is something you do with someone. The relationship comes first, build rapport, and the sales will come. Nikki Rausch.

Do not celebrate closing a sale. Celebrate opening a relationship. Patricia Fripp.

Doing the right thing and taking the time to do things right always pays off in the long run. Kia Puhm.

For International Women’s Day and every other day, let us always remember, “Women Want to Be Treated Equally…Not Identically “® #iwd2021 Judy Hoberman.

On #IWD2021, I #ChooseToChallenge everyone to actively contribute to equity especially starting with our younger generation of girls. Give them opportunities to dream big and make a positive impact on their community and the world! Inspiring girls to explore their potential and become strong, independent leaders for tomorrow will contribute to equity and diversity in the workforce and beyond. Amy Franko.

If women want to impact change and want to succeed for themselves and others, we need one thing – to find our voice. Speak up for what we believe in, speak up to help others, and most importantly, speak up for what we want in our lives and our careers. Meridith Elliott-Powell.

You are the master of your success. Do not wait for your manager to train you. Become a student of sales. Read, listen to podcasts, join sales groups. Get an accountability partner and hire a business coach to improve your success. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Alice Kemper.

One of the reasons I enjoy the profession of sales is because it fulfills three needs: 1. The desire to help others. 2. The ability to control our destiny. “Do the work.” 3. Be among fun people; sales professionals are fun! Serve, do the work, and hit the fun quota! Colleen Stanley.

We are gifted with one life to live it our way. A near-death experience and an ‘irreparable broken neck’ taught me the secret to success is: ‘Believe, Become, Empower.’ Believe you can become the person you envision, become that person, and empower others by inspiring them to do the same. Together, Yes, We Can. Elinor Stutz.

Women Sales Pros celebrates #IWD2021 by challenging the status quo in B2B sales. We continue to showcase female sales experts, books, and podcasts. And women in sales are interviewed for the podcast, ‘Conversations with Women in Sales.’ We look to help leaders create an inclusive sales world where our sellers reflect who our buyers are. Lori Richardson

The sales profession is among the oldest there is. People must trade to live; it touches everyone everywhere. What would happen if we lifted every human with full access to equality and served with great humility? It really would be the most rewarding and greatest profession. Janice B Gordon.

The Harvard article: Why Women Are the Future of B2B Sales, quotes the 2019 Bureau of Labour Statistics that women are underrepresented in B2B sales, yet they often outperform men. According to Xactly 2019 study, 86% of women achieved quota, compared to 78% of men. 

With 39% of the sales workforce women, only 19% of women hold sales leadership positions. The statistics do not reflect the buying side of many industries we sell. Customer expectations of salespeople continue to evolve. The pandemic has only accelerated buyer demands. Therefore attracting and retaining more women in sales will be critical to consistently scale your sales. 

Everyone can #ChoosetoChallenge the status quo; it might seem a daunting uphill struggle. But it is within the capabilities of everyone to choose to challenge. Fathers have partners and daughters, and Brothers have sisters. We are all bound to one another and bound to change for the good of all.

This article providing insights to lead was initially published in the Scale Your Sales blog.