Why Chinese Investors Are Flocking to Cryptocurrencies

Taking a closer look why Chinese investors are opting for crypto investments

Cryptocurrency has slowly become a reliable investment space with fewer worries about its security – thanks to the proactivity of fintech and blockchain companies. This has supercharged worldwide interest and made cryptocurrency more appealing to investors, as well as common everyday people going about their daily routines.


Investing in crypto has been a debated subject for years with popular coins like Bitcoin fluctuating in market value putting some people off. Yet, with the right knowledge and understanding, safe products like the Luno Bitcoin Wallet and a reliable exchange platform, crypto investing can still reap rewards. Many in China agree, which is why more Chinese investors are turning their attention to crypto.


How Does Crypto Investing Work?

Crypto investing works by buying cryptocurrencies in the hope that they will increase in value for you to sell (note, every investment has a get-out point at some stage). So, how do you know which coins to invest in? The answer to this question is what separates the winners from the losers. Some people use their gut, as a friend down the bar or rely on industry whispers. Most of these people just lost all their investment. The smart way to invest and the method used by the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs and investors is to read the white paper associated with the crypto and do some serious digging on the coin’s aims and the people behind it.


Why Chinese Investors Choose Crypto

There may be lots of reasons why Chinese investors prefer to back cryptocurrency over more conventional investment streams. One of the biggest is China’s involvement with technology. It is a nation that has been on the forefront of technological development and advancement for decades, always pioneering leading innovation. This allows the trickle down effect of blockchain and crypto to occur quicker in such environments and make an impact at a grassroots level often. This is on top of cryptocurrency being separate from the Chinese economy, which has slowed dramatically over the recent 12 months, making an investment at home less lucrative.


A second reason for their pronounced investment may be the movement of Chinese people. Attractive universities in the west have meant more Chinese students are choosing to live abroad and so are their talented professionals who are in demand at tech firms elsewhere. Thus, cryptocurrency becomes more than an investment opportunity, it is something they are involved with to manage their finances on a global scale away from home.


What Else Are Chinese People Investing In?

Aside from the surge in Chinese investors opting for crypto investments, many of them are also choosing real estate investments abroad, particularly the USA. There are two reasons for this. The cost of living in Beijing has reached extreme highs and made reinvestment difficult, while the city also has growing pollution concerns, so investors choose to pour their money into more favourable land, in terms of both finances and quality of life.

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