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Why Having An Open Mind Is The Key To A Prosperous Future

A World Full Of Endless Possibilities

A World Full Of Endless Possibilities

“Be observing constantly. Stay open minded. Be eager to learn and improve.”–John Wooden

In many ways, unlocking our inner wisdom is a call to connect with the deepest knowledge which resides within us, and yet it is simply more than understanding our thoughts or knowing our emotional constitution. Revealing our inner wisdom beckons us to connect with our heart and mind while our mind is the purveyor of universal intelligence.

As we call on our inner wisdom, cultivating open-mindedness becomes an extension of our inner state of being. To reveal our inner wisdom, we must be willing to cultivate a state of open-mindedness, rather than remain ill-informed. Dogma and rigid thinking leads to intolerance, which describes the state of the world as it exists. Religious dogma imposes laws and principles which people must abide by to be deemed religious.

Regrettably, if one strays from these principles, religious leaders and followers are quick to chastise them for going against their teachings. Sexual orientation is yet another case of fixed thinking, which gives rise to prejudices, fears and insecurities about other’s lifestyle choices. It is safe to say that close-mindedness stifles one’s personal growth. I have met numerous people over the years who quite happily exist within their self-contained shells, refusing to maintain an open mind. In a world full of endless possibilities and infinite potential, I believe open-mindedness is the key to an ever-expanding consciousness.

It was the Buddha who echoed this sentiment of openness: “Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.” Whilst I recognise it is not always easy to be open-minded, especially when our beliefs oppose those of others, we can strive to be tolerant irrespective of our beliefs. We acquire our beliefs as we mature into adulthood where we begin to associate with like-minded people. When presented with a different viewpoint than ours, it can be difficult to accept or at the very least, be open to considering it.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

A Gateway To New Ideas And Beliefs

“It is never too late to give up your prejudices”―Henry David Thoreau

We can gain a lot by opening the door to our mind, least of which includes having fewer prejudices, which fosters harmonious relationships. Those who are open-minded are more optimistic and make the most of life, since they carry less stress through their openness to change. Conversely, I have consulted with a number of people over the years who were fixed in their thoughts and beliefs. Over time and with the willingness to change, they naturally let go of their fixed thinking in place of becoming more open-minded.

For many of them, it was an ideal time to surrender their firmly held beliefs and principles, given that many of these principles were formed long ago and had now constituted their personality. In doing so, they learned to carry less stress and are filled with peace and contentment in their personal and professional lives. Being close-minded stifles our personal growth and its associated benefits. Many people are resistant to change, preferring to remain within their comfort zone. Those with a fixed mindset dislike change, since they fear the unknown, of what change might involve.

There is beauty and goodness contained in the world, and we must be willing to step out of our preconceived notions of what is right and wrong in order to experience it. Become like a child by marvelling at the world in awe — consider life through the lens of unlimited potential, conspiring to create a compelling version of life. Expanding our mind by being open-minded, offers us a gateway to new ideas and beliefs. Although it is easier to remain safe inside secure boxes, venturing outside provides us with wide eyes to see the beauty and creative wonders of the world through spirit.

Do you wish to travel through life being rigid and close-minded or do you desire to experience the richness of life by allowing your mind to expand? See new things? Try new roads? By surrendering control and letting go of firmly held beliefs, you make room for new ideas which are integrated into your experience. As you surrender control, you experience a positive manner of losing control.

Often, being in control can serve us by being in command of our life’s circumstances, yet it should not impose upon us by producing additional stress. We must release our fixed beliefs a little at a time. We do not have to transform ourselves overnight but experience new thoughts and ideas through a renewed and excited open mind. Similarly, we should change our worldview by viewing humanity through the lens of connectedness. Why must we hold on to the same worldview our entire life? What purpose does it serve other than to keep our thoughts stuck and outdated?

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Opposing Points Of Views Are Acceptable

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”–Napoleon Hill

The world is constantly changing, owing to the rapidly advancing information age we are living in. As we evolve and gain new experiences, meet new people, learn new skills, our worldview naturally expands to accommodate new thoughts and beliefs. Whilst it is not necessary to change our beliefs, it is liberating to feel we can if we want, since in doing so a higher level of mental and emotional freedom is attained. Moreover, as we consider new possibilities, being open-minded may cause us to feel vulnerable, since we must come to terms with not knowing “everything.”

This may be a positive outcome of our new outlook, since change and uncertainty give rise to new possibilities. Far too many people believe they have acquired all there is to know about life. I find it refreshing and exciting to know that I do not know everything, and as a result, I constantly remain open to new possibilities. Open mindedness allows us to gain more confidence, since an open mind is like a vessel in which to pour the wisdom and knowledge of life into. As we maintain an open mind, we experience more confidence through our willingness to assimilate new ideas and principles.

People who are open-minded are willing to change their views when presented with new facts and evidence. Those who are not are resistant to change, find life less rewarding and less satisfying due to their fixed mental ideals. To the open-minded, we appreciate that opposing points of views are acceptable, since it is not essential that we always be right or have all the answers.

Being open-minded is like choosing to live in a glass house as compared to one without windows. We see different people approaching our glass house with varying beliefs whilst observing them freely, but still have the choice to invite them in. Conversely, if we live in a house with no windows, we are not concerned about having people approach our house, since we do not seek the company of those with opinions that oppose ours. It is my hope that you will consider being more open-minded as you harness the power of your inner wisdom to create a remarkable future.


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