Your Life Is Filled With Blank Pages – Go Fill Them!

Nothing is more daunting than facing the blank page every morning.

Ah! Nothing is more daunting than facing the blank page every morning.

The writer’s journey is filled with blank pages. I get a familiar pinch of anxiety in the pit of my stomach every time. Will I be up to the task?

Over time I’ve learned to lean into the blank pages of life—to see them as a gift of possibility instead of danger. But I still feel it. That familiar pinch. The reminder that stepping out into the unknown brings risk.

As those of you who read my work every day know, I believe that confidence comes from knowing you can count on yourself, and building our confidence muscle takes daily practice.

For me, every day, that begins with facing the blank page. Reminding myself to breath and trust. Whispering to my deepest self “You’ve done this before, you can do it again.” Refocusing my attention off of the pinch and onto achieving my hashtagSuperObjective. What is the impact I am here to make? What action can I take to do that?

And ever so slowly words appear on the page. The flow begins. As I relax and trust myself I gain access to what I have to offer the world.

Your life is filled with blank pages. Your story is waiting to be written. Breathe. Trust. Focus on impact. The world needs the difference that only you can make. hashtagBraveLeadership