4 Simple Career Planning Milestones You Should Celebrate

Remain Motivated by Celebrating these milestones

You can expect the first couple of years of your career to be full of challenges. You may need to start with de-motivating jobs before you can finally settle in a more regular job, which could also end up not being in line with your desired job. In short, it could take you a long time and a lot of hard work before you can fully realize your career goals.

In order for you to remain motivated in your career and keep your eyes on your end goal, use these basic milestones as reasons to celebrate along the way:

1. Being able to use your degree.

You spent a lot of years and money to get a diploma in your chosen degree, so it makes a lot of sense to want to apply in the workplace everything that you learned in university. Unfortunately, not all people end up in a job where they can utilize what they learned as a student. So if you’re able to land a position whose responsibilities are in relation to your degree, that is certainly worth celebrating.


2. Getting rid of a part-time job entry in your resume.

There is nothing wrong with being employed in a fast-food chain. In fact, many of us are able to provide for their families using their salary from part-time jobs. But there’s definitely a limit as to how such jobs will be useful on your resume. Therefore, it must be your goal to develop the right work experience which is relevant to the career you wish to pursue. When you finally reach the point where you can delete your part-time jobs in your resume, this means that you’re going in the right direction in your career.


3. Receiving an annual salary instead of an hourly wage.

If you’re being offered a job and upon looking at the contract, you find yourself dividing to know how much you will get per month, congratulations! This means that you’re now going to receive an annual salary! Of course, there are some things more important than money, but receiving a salary can give you financial security, which is a good reason to celebrate!


4. Being given by your current employer a counter-offer.

Receiving a job offer from a different company should make you feel good about yourself, but receiving a counter-offer from your current employer should make you feel much better and prouder of what you’ve accomplished so far! This only means that you’re doing a really good job at work and that you’re being valued in your organization.

Career planning is very important if you want to make huge progress in your career. Your career goals need not be huge and far off in the future. With the help of a career coach, you’ll be able to identify your career goals, and you’ll learn how to take action for the achievement of those goals.