Are You Prepared to Climb the Mountain of Uncertainty?

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Are You Prepared to Climb the Mountain of Uncertainty?

It’s a New Year and begs the question, are you prepared to climb the mountain of uncertainty? In January, many people tend to be excited about their goals for the new year. Still, their enthusiasm is short-lived once they realize the milestones they need to attain as a practice to climb first the hills and then the steep mountain of uncertainty.

Quitting is forever in the mind of many entrepreneurs and employees. The statistics are staggering for the percentage of people who leave their entrepreneurship in the first year in business. The same may be true for those on a job who quickly realize their place of employment does not add up to expectations. But without a plan in place and new employment awaiting, it’s senseless to quit the current job.

My Story

The song lyrics for, ‘Climb Every Mountain,’ by Guy Sebastian and sung by Julie Andrews come to mind:

“Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every mountain (every mountain)
Don’t you ever give up, no ohh
Climb every mountain (every mountain)
There’s a brighter day on the other side
Follow every rainbow
‘Till you find your dream”

I recently revealed that I was an active goal-setter since elementary school as it was the only way for me to move past the situations at hand. Sure, annoyances can be a distraction, but I have a backup plan to revise my to-do list and potentially set new goals. Flexibility is essential for moving forward; however, when the problems arise, the better course of action is to resolve them as quickly as possible. Once we overcome a problem, it’s easy to get back on schedule.

Upon having a full agenda aside from any issues requiring attention, I review what needs completion that day along with the question, ‘why?’  It’s another way for prioritizing the to-do list and possibly revising that as well. 

However, more significant issues require more time to resolve and sometimes suggest we take a new direction. Upon experiencing a redirect, it’s best to revisit our purpose and passion to re-assess where we are in the moment in time and our long-term vision for the best possible outcome.

We can then figure out whether to spend our time as an entrepreneur, on a job, or in charge of a large company. Similarly, none of us ever anticipated the experience of a pandemic; life brings us moments that change us forever. Our willingness to face and deal with the unexpected prepares us to climb the mountain of uncertainty. Trial, error, and revision are all a part of the game for advancement. Those who stick through the process are the ones who come out stronger on the other side. The experience has them feeling as if they succeeded in climbing their mountain of uncertainty.

Your Story: Are You Prepared to Climb the Mountain of Uncertainty?

How we deal with the events are the differentiators for our outcomes. We frequently hear, ‘it’s the little things that count,’ but it depends upon how you view them. Upfront, the issues may appear to be insignificant; however, they also can weigh us down.

The worst contributing factor to a problem is stress; the more we add to the problem, the longer it takes to overcome. For example, some will agonize over a situation that could be temporary. And then there is a dangerous slide downwards that may turn into the question, ‘is this a signal that it’s time for me to quit?’  More agonizing and time-wasters kick in, leading to the question becoming a possibility – unless we pull in the reigns to take charge.

An excellent goal to embrace is taking charge of your life no matter what is thrown at you or in your path. Similar to breaking large projects into smaller tasks, divide your mountain of uncertainty into small hills with peaks and valleys. Be brave enough to overcome the challenges, seek help as you need it, and possess the determination to continue forward. 

All the while, listen to negative commentary to realize how you may stand out from the crowd. Consistently differentiating yourself is essential for building a recognizable personal brand and trust that blossoms into your branding program for work or business. As people see your dedication to your endeavors, they want to potentially learn more to work with you.

As you review the experiences, you will recognize that the extra effort it takes to overcome the issues and stress while preparing to climb the steep mountain of uncertainty proves well-worthwhile. The extra effort opens doors that may surprise you for the better. Simultaneously, dedicate yourself to staying on top of the news and the latest technology to enjoy stimulating conversations with clientele.

The next step is to find your community that can utilize your insights and assistance for overcoming their climb to the mountain top. Doing so is satisfying and highly rewarding, and your bonus is in feeling the stress fade away because you know you can help many. Consider making the process a part of your legacy.

Sales Tips: Are You Prepared to Climb the Mountain of Uncertainty?

  1. When times get you down, refer to your fondest vision for accomplishment.
  2. Each day focus on the annoying tasks and get them out of the way to work on your dream goal.
  3. When issues arise, deal with them first to move past and regain focus on what you desire.
  4. Should your mind feel depleted, take a break to exercise or enjoy a creative project.
  5. Revisit why you want to achieve the vision you set for yourself.
  6. As energy returns to achieve goals, re-prioritize what needs to get done.
  7. View barriers as tests of strength, leadership, and the mindset to accomplish what you want.
  8. Prepare yourself for trial and error regarding new strategies and revision to work well.
  9. Review your goals, priorities, and long-term vision daily to climb the mountain of uncertainty adeptly.
  10. Celebrate Success!