Do You Feel Blue After Vacation?

Summer vacation is quickly approaching.  I found it difficult to restart the job after having a fun time away.   I was in a funk until an idea came to me that improved my getting back into the business mindset.


Sales done well turn into order-taking


My Story About Vacation and Summertime Blues


When we do pick a place to spend a vacation, it’s to enjoy the activities we like most.  Our minds relax as the fun increases.  Business stress fades, and employment seems to be a long way away.  But on the way home, reality comes to a head.


On the first couple of sales jobs, I was almost depressed as I headed back to work. By the third job, I realized that it was the politics in the office that got me down, not my clients.  As a proponent of building relationships with my clients, my newest idea was put to the test!


Schedule Appointments Before Leaving for Vacation


I needed something to look forward to when I came back.  Reviewing my list of clients, I would pick my favorites to arrange a lunch or coffee meeting after my return. I would line up two or three friendly get-togethers for the first two weeks I was back.  These type of meetings gave me something to look forward while increasing the sales possibilities.


My rule was before the meal was served and during, I never spoke about business.  We instead enjoyed conversations about travel, family, pets, anything but business!  The only time the topic came up was when I waited to finalize the bill. 


Everyone, including me, enjoyed the time away from the office and the relaxed conversations.  It was a way for me to ease into being back at work.  My bonus was becoming more familiar with my clientele and strengthening our working relationships.


As you can guess, my strategy for getting back into the work mindset worked exceptionally well.  Although it may sound as if I weren’t working, it was my clientele that picked up the phone afterward to request a sale.  Management was stunned how I turned the pursuit into a flow of requests!


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Your Story About Returning from Vacation


So many times when people are away on vacation, they think about quitting their job.  The more the mindset gears up in the direction of leaving, the more motivation is lost.  Without the motivation, one becomes gloomy and close to being depressed.  In a state of depression, it is close to impossible to secure a new job or do well at the one you have.


If you are one to be affected by doom and gloom as you return to the office, give thought to past behaviors.


Do You:

Waste time sulking instead of crossing off the ‘have-to-do’s

Keep telling yourself that you will get to ‘it’ tomorrow

Attempt to get back into a positive frame of mind as quickly as possible?


Game playing is a favorite among many salespeople and entrepreneurs.  An extension of games is to work with the trial and error methodology.  


Create Your Game

  • Include elements of work you most enjoy
  • List the people that intrigue, motivate and are fun
  • Add to the list the activities your favorites will enjoy
  • As you develop the lighter style meetings, look for commonalities
  • Gain consensus of what your favorite people prefer
  • Establish rules for the game
  • Deliver the best you can your clientele


As you play the game with authenticity, analyze the results afterward.  Refine the effort for the next meeting.  Review of circumstance is very similar to the entrepreneurial trial and error methodology. 


The anticipation of game playing with favorite clientele should help prevent the after vacation blues!


Sales Tips

  1. Establish leisurely appointments for an entire month before vacation
  2. Ask prospects and clients their preference for coffee or lunch
  3. Confirm the date, time and place to meet
  4. Agree on a restaurant or café within your budget or expense account
  5. Use a CRM system to remain on top of all appointments
  6. Enjoy vacation
  7. Back in the office, call each person to remind them of the appointment
  8. Ask how your prospect will be spending their time away
  9. Without bragging, share a funny story that you experienced while away.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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