Do You Greet Defeat to Move On?

Every decision affects our future outcome.

Defeat and failure do not exist as long as you are willing to improve your game. During childhood, I continually heard my Dad say, “You never know in the ballgame!” In the last seconds of a game, the people expected to lose would win. The continuing lesson is, motivation and determination will point the way. Never give up!

Every decision affects our future outcome.

My Story
The only time defeat or failure exists is when you allow it to be so. In our youth, a small number are known as the ‘in group.’ The rest of us can use the time to watch and learn. Watching the good and bad behaviors of others teach us what we find acceptable and how to treat others. The lessons help us define our priorities and values.

Reading the classics, creative novels, and those representing our field help advance us forward. The reading was my starting point for travel. Visiting foreign lands gave me a wider perspective and made it easier to speak varying prospective clients.

Conversations became highly engaging due to our exchange of experiences. The childhood barriers gave way to creativity in gaining access to the C-suite. Relationships were built with people of all cultures and status within a corporation. It didn’t take too long until sales became fun. Later, entrepreneurial life became my new starting point.

Personal development is a relentless activity. Establishing credibility all over again was initially a nightmare. Carefully selecting input from others proved to be a good strategy. Coaching, programs and classes had me leap frog forward.

Trial and error is my preferred method for business development. Some efforts went by the wayside and others did well. There were times when it would have been far easier to quit. Instead, I took a few days off. On occasion we are the computer that needs to turn off for a while. Upon rebooting, I was ready to achieve new records.

All the while, I took note on reactions to my progress. At the very least, I quickly learned who to leave behind and who to seek out as a peer. Worth repeating, the very worst reactions are indicators you are onto something very good!

Today, I feel as if I broke through the glass ceiling. It took me an incredibly long time to achieve, but knowing I persevered is what counts. My hope is that the personal stories and encouragement help you to do the same. And the affiliate programs below are specifically agreed upon for the sole purpose to help you advance more quickly in helping you achieve your goals.


Your Story About Greeting Defeat
On job interviews, most often a glorious picture is painted about the unified team effort. Once employed, the opposite is often true. Nasty remarks, fierce competition among the team, and the lack of sharing will occur in the sales bullpen. And all of the above is added to the stress of lost sales. How you handle the obstacles will determine your fate.

Do You:
· Shrug off the nastiness
· Build rapport with clientele
· Give yourself a pep talk every morning?

In either endeavor, entrepreneurial or sales, focus on goodwill toward your
clientele. The support and new ideas will come from them. They voluntarily
provide you with suggestions for adding to your inventory and how to improve services. As you meet peers who do the same, add them to your valued friend list.

This is the core group who will help keep you motivated.

On the occasion you hear especially negative comments, examine why they make you angry. There is a possibility that an underlying truth is the real problem.

From this day forward promise yourself to analyze the worst remarks to turn the situation around.

Often the worst turns into the best when you possess the determination and
motivation to greet defeat, learn and move forward.

Sales Tips to Greet Defeat
1. Allow only 24 hours to feel sorry for yourself
2. Examine what went wrong and why
3. Decide if the effort is worth saving
4. Confer with others who had similar problems
5. To save a project list everything that needs improvement
6. Get the education you need to fast-track improvement
7. Prioritize the improvements
8. List added segments for a more robust outcome
9. Keep track of your progress
10. Celebrate Success!

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