Do You See Two Sides to Every Situation?

Attract The Right Job Or Clientele
We frequently hear that it takes two to tango, and so the question becomes, do you see two sides to every situation?  We can be thinking in step with one another but occasionally make a new pivot.  Other times, the rhythm isn’t there, with our intended partner, and we have to say, ‘next.’

My Story
I’m helping Joan assemble a program.  She asked if I thought marketing and sales are to be combined or remain separate. For her, it would be easier if I were to agree to combine the two disciplines for those in the early learning stage.  The question reminds me of the tango as we are working closely together, although sometimes separated in thought.  Most important, we have to be careful not to step on the toes of our partner.

I paused to think of a diplomatic response for Joan to accept.
My thought is that marketing, branding, and sales are three distinct strategies.  Someone in the beginning stage will do best to learn one discipline well and then gradually implement the other two to build prominence.  The ability to sell is a natural talent for me, but I still had much to learn over the years.  Success is only a fleeting moment in time. 

Upon entering entrepreneurship, I was stopped in my tracks.  Although I could train teams to sell well, the idea of learning about marketing and branding sounded monumental.  But they are essential disciplines for becoming known. I knew absolutely nothing about either.

 I’m one who always sees two sides to every situation.  In this instance, I told myself, the education will take forever, the instruction will involve fees, and I may not get anywhere.  On the other hand, I can quit and not worry about any of it.  The dilemma became, do I persevere with everything I’ve got, or is it better to quit? 

The situation has to get to that point for me to step up and take action.  When I enjoy doing something, I refuse to give up.  The better choice is to get the help I need.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I commit to learn and see what transpires ahead. Realizing that Smooth Sale means everything to me, I dug in to learn about marketing, social platforms, and branding.  Doing so made all the difference for me to move forward. 

The recollection paved the way for a diplomatic response to Joan.  My suggestion is that if we speak to those in the beginning phase, we need to separate the disciplines.  Later on, as people become more comfortable with learning, we can then teach how to build a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all of it.  The negotiated dialogue is now our agreement.

‘Influencer Marketing’ is an extension of marketing that incorporates influence and sales.  It also gives extra momentum to the branding effect.  Within twenty-four hours of my response, Netanya Trimboli sent me her article entitled, “9 Influencer Marketing Lessons Learned From Working With the White House.”    The article has my complete admiration.

The lessons in the article are essential for anyone wanting to move their career forward as it combines the multiple disciplines.  As an FYI – I believe all communication can and should influence or sell our ideas.
Your Story:  Do You See Two Sides to Every Situation?
Your willingness to stop to see two sides to every situation can change the circumstance in an instant.  The problem is that most people are in too much of a hurry to pause.  By not addressing the issues upfront, they compound.  It is the temporary halt that can provide you with a new direction and far more potential ahead. Instead of wasting precious time, you are putting it to good use.  Most often, new ideas come forth that will have you re-strategizing where you are today.

If you always wanted to know what negotiation is or how to apply it, begin practicing with yourself.  The next time a question arises, think about all possibilities from as many angles as possible.  Then decide upon your answer and all the reasons why you believe it to be best.

The self-negotiation is a precursor to influence and sales.  No one ever agrees 100% of the time with another.  But by coming to terms with our ‘why’ and learning to express it well will help you become more natural and authentic in the sales and influence arenas.

Currently, do you do the following:
·      Jump on a statement with which you disagree
·      Stop to ask why the person is making the suggestion
·      Attempt to find an agreement to get past the circumstance

As you become comfortable with asking the question, ‘why?’ you will be privy to information not typically shared with vendors.  Prospective clients begin to see you as someone interested in them and their business instead of just making a sale.  You begin to set yourself apart from those who want to make a quick sale.  More importantly, people view you as trustworthy.  We refer to the process as building your personal brand. 

The more successful businesspeople, over time, learn to inter-mix the disciplines that they know for a comprehensive effort that leads to their success.  We each do best by reflecting on what we do well and what can use improvement. Only then can we reach the next level of our careers.
Sales Tips: Do You See Two Sides To Every Situation?
1. The art of negotiation begins by practicing with yourself.
2. Attempting to understand the viewpoints of others brings clarity and more insight.
3. Story sharing is an effective way to get your point across and learn more about another.
4. Connect the dots between your experiences and those of others.
5. As understanding strengthens, continue building the relationship.
6. Acknowledge success along your path but do not stop the momentum for moving forward.
7. Should things come to a grinding halt, revisit your mission to regain momentum.
8. Revise short and long-term goals to remain on track to achieve your purpose.
9. Bring collaborative others along on the journey.
10. Celebrate Success!