Hap Klopp – How I Built The North Face Into a World Iconic Brand

Hap Klopp is on the podcast this week. Hap is the founder of the North Face, one of the world’s biggest outdoor apparel brands.  

In 1968 when Hap traded-in his corporate aspirations for the life of an entrepreneur, the support network for such endeavors was not nearly what it is today. However, Hap knew that he had what it took to run a successful business and lead The North Face for 20 years as CEO.

After selling the North Face, Hap launched a global management consultancy company, HK Consulting. He continues to speak around the world on leadership, entrepreneurship, and the human side of management.

He’s also the co-author of two books, one on success called Conquering the North Face: An Adventure in Leadership, and one on failure called Almost: 12 Electric Months Chasing a Silicon Valley Dream.

In this Luminate podcast episode, Lan Anh sits down to speak with Hap to discuss how he launched the North Face, how to build an iconic brand and why he believes failure is part of success.