How Psychology Can Help You Negotiate a Higher Salary

3 Tips That Will Increase Your Chances of Getting That Salary Raise You've Been Craving For

Going to an interview usually requires thorough preparation from both sides, the applicant and the recruiter. On the one side, the applicant spends time researching information about the company and position. A would-be employee is interested in different aspects like how stable the position is, what the work environment is, and what the payment and incentives schemes are. On the other hand, the recruiter researches on the applicant, checking their work history and social media presence. 

Moreover, one of the most important reasons which help applicants decide if they should choose a job is the salary. Of course, when someone decides to change a job, everyone desires a higher payment and benefits. Therefore, one of the definitory phases of an interview is negotiating the salary. But, do you know which psychology tips to use when you want to negotiate a higher salary?


Show confidence in yourself

If you are a shy person with low self-esteem, it will become very difficult to initiate a discussion with your boss or a recruiter and ask for a salary raise. Usually, shy employees work very hard and don’t dare to express their opinions on how they feel at the job or whether there are any activities which should be improved. 

Low self-esteem affects their performance as well because they are not able to speak their mind and take the lead on various projects. Therefore, managers won’t know too much about the potential that these people might have. 

However, psychology can help you prepare for a serious talk with your boss. Start by assessing and identifying your value as a member of the team and appreciate yourself more. Once you have understood that you can become a serious game-changer for the company and you’ve got rid of shyness, then you are ready for the salary negotiation. 

For instance, you should put your sense of identity ahead of your productivity. Before that serious talk with a manager or boss, you can spend more time with people who appreciate you for who you are or identify the activities which give you energy. These tricks will help you become more confident.


Use precise figures

“Negotiating for a higher salary is definitely not a very easy job. When you want to obtain a higher payment, you need to be sure of your abilities and show your employer that you know exactly what you need. Thus, coming with precise figures is one psychological tip which can bring you the expected results,” says Susanna Gilbert, an HR manager at Top Writers Review

Giving your manager an exact number, instead of a round amount shows him that you have done your research and you are determined to obtain the amount you requested. You can calculate the exact salary you can receive based on the experience you have inside the company and overall, project complexity, as well as a market benchmark. 

Furthermore, when you come with such a precise request to your employer, you may scare him, and he can ask you to give him time to think before giving you an answer. If such a case occurs, you can relax things a bit by joking with your manager and showing him your openness for discussion and negotiation. 


Ask questions

When you are ready for the salary negotiation, you should train yourself to be ready for anything. You should walk in the room with confidence and keep your emotions under control. What is more, if you want to obtain the salary increase that you aim for, you should also prepare with a set of diagnostic questions

Before you ask the number that you want to obtain, you should also understand what are the current circumstances and how your employer sees the future. You can ask him what are his needs, how he sees your collaboration, how he sees the future, and what are his biggest fears. 

Based on the answers you receive from your counterparty you will know exactly how much you can ask and what are the chances to obtain it. Furthermore, it may happen that you change your mind during the discussion. You may understand from your manager’s answers that there is no room for a salary increase at the moment. On the other hand, you can also instantly decide to ask for more money than initially planned as you see that the chances of obtaining it are very high.


Are you ready for a raise?

If you want a salary increase, the best thing you can do is being realistic. Even though you may need money, you should understand that there are circumstances when it is practically impossible to get it. In such cases, you should be prepared with alternatives and don’t take it personally.

Besides, you should take the lead during the discussion and show your employer that you’ve come prepared and you know exactly what you want. Showing self-confidence and controlling your body language are other tips you can use to obtain the salary you want.