How to Harness the New Amazon Sponsored Display Ads?

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This year, Amazon is launching one of the biggest updates to its ad network for a long time, and you will need to catch your memory up to stay ahead of your competitors in the e-commerce industry. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

What Amazon PPC Is
If you’re unsure what these Amazon ads even are or what they can do for your business, then here’s an explanation. It refers to the advertising strategy where advertisers pay a small fee to the advert provider, in this case, Amazon, whenever anyone clicks on their advert. That means you won’t have to pay if your advert doesn’t get clicked on, making this a cost-effective solution. 

There are three main types of PPC, known as sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display ads. Sponsored products refer to when you promote an individual product through the Amazon search results and product detail pages. 

This ensures that when someone types in a keyword related to a product, the first products someone will see is the sponsored product. Usually, these are the more popular product options on the site due to their efficiency and advertising.

Sponsored brands through Amazon allow brands to customize their advertising even further, with their own headlines, logo and up to three different products in the top spot above the Amazon search result.

Sponsored display ads are designed for advertisers to aim their product detail pages at more specific customers. For example, they may be sent to the Amazon product details page from an external link or by visiting certain criteria of products.

New Data Reports
The new update to the advertising system has meant that there needs to be new data reports in order better to analyze the performances of certain ads on Amazon. They offer their own downloadable reports service worldwide, where previously it was only available in specific countries.

When looking to create an advertising campaign, it’s important that you use a high-end marketing campaign service that specializes in Amazon services. With an extensive report, you’ll be able to collect information on the campaign, targeted audience, the product itself and purchase report, amongst others.

Introduction Of Brand Videos Globally
One of the biggest changes to the Amazon advertising industry is that they will utilize a new type of sponsorship for the world, known as sponsored brand videos. These will appear on both desktop and mobile versions, as well as the app of the online store.

They still use keywords and utilize pay-per-click, but they focus more on driving traffic to purchase options. In addition, the video will autoplay once a user has scrolled to at least half of the block of video. The aim is to ensure that the moving images will grab viewer’s attention, who otherwise may have just kept scrolling.

For videos with audio, consumers will have an unmute icon if they wish to listen. Otherwise, the video will remain muted. This is not to disrupt users who are browsing, so ensure the ad is engaging enough without the sound.