How To Prepare For An Investment

Investing in a business can offer the greatest potential for gains when compared to investing in stocks or other types of investments. This is because the owner of the business is personally involved in the daily operations of the business and has a personal stake in seeing the business succeed. This doesn’t mean you should be willing to turn over your funds and simply await those returns. For the best results, it’s important to take a hands-on approach to ensure your investment will reap the best possible gains.

The PepsiCo Foundation, which operates out of Purchase, New York, offers one great example for investors to follow. While the organization is philanthropic, their method for investing donations can be applied to any type of investment. Their goal was to help CARE take on gender inequality within the agricultural community. The $18 million they donated will go to female farmers around the world to help them obtain the resources and skills they need to boost the productivity on their farms. The donations are also intended to help the recipients gain more access to commercial products, so, as they produce more crops, they will have more opportunities to sell them.

While The PepsiCo Foundation could have donated the money without participating in the cause, they chose to partner with CARE. Together, the two organizations are sponsoring the “Closing the Crop Gap” campaign. This is an opportunity for female videographers to interview women farmers from the U.S. and around the world. The women will discuss the challenges they face in today’s agricultural market. Once all of the entries have been submitted, the public can vote on their favorite farmers. The female farmer with the most votes will receive a microloan line of credit. 

By partnering with CARE, The PepsiCo Foundation is contributing to a cause they feel passionate about in the agriculture and food production industry. In the same way, any investor can ensure their investment has the best potential for growth. By actively participating in the business you choose to back with your capital, you can increase the chances for growth. While this will certainly benefit the business owner or entrepreneur, it will also help you maximize the potential gains you’ll earn on your investment.



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