How You Lead Predicts Results

As we experience two distinct leadership styles, we realize, how you lead predicts results. Dilbert, created by Scott Adams, has been my long-standing favorite cartoon.


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Today’s cartoon brings to mind the topic of how you lead predicts results:

Boss: We had a leadership meeting to decide how to move forward.

Boss: But all of the leaders left the meeting with wildly different ideas about what we agreed on.

Admin: How did you leaders plan to solve that?

Boss: Phase one involves accusing each other of being stupid.

“Being a good leader begins with our mindset.


My Story

The last line says it all. Most of us are made to feel stupid when sharing our original thought. As we hear our unique ideas receiving demeaning remarks is the time to take a stand.


Lead the Better Way

  • Take a public speaking class for excellence in communication
  • Implement listening and questioning that promotes an open dialogue
  • Realize you are scaring current peers by moving past them

“Your power comes from confident belief

Getting help for boosting our confidence helps us to look ahead.


The next step is learning:

  • How to laugh at the negativity
  • Analyze from all angles how we may improve
  • Continue setting new goals and improving upon our delivery

How do we know we have become stronger? We learn to laugh both at ourselves and reactions to our original ideas.

Recently, I gave a suggestion for improving boring meeting messages. My idea is to include one-line lyrics from the popular songs of our generation. One lyric line that will attract interest is to be at the top of the message.  The bottom is to showcase a benefit lyric.

An example is, ‘The sun will come out tomorrow,’ Annie.

My idea was presented but was Unanimously shot down! I laughed. It’s the story of my life. However, the person delivering my opinion saw the good in creativity.

To my surprise, I was then invited to participate in an upcoming council meeting.How you lead predicts results.  It is a unique opportunity that I welcome.  


My First Lesson: How You Lead Predicts Results

If anger were to overtake the initial response to my suggestion, the forthcoming invitation would never take place. 


My Second Lesson

While sharing lunch with a friend, I mentioned the news of unanimously being voted down. Her exclamation of ‘What?!!!’ made me feel a whole lot better. And then we both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

I gradually learned to share my lessons as a method of serving communities. The reward is in witnessing the improvement of others.  Again, how you lead predicts results.

There are varying types of leadership. Entrepreneurs receive requests to contribute content to multiple sites. Over time, they gain prominence for their work and to become known as an influencer.

In the corporate environment, managers capable of leading a team victory are rare and in high demand. Those team-oriented usually have a thriving career ahead. 


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Your Story: How You Lead Predicts Results

Should you be at the start of your career, you may wonder how you will ever grow into management. Questioning oneself can lead to doubt and a downward spiral when it comes to self-confidence.

“It’s best to not overthink but just…
Start Somewhere


Each career has different requirements. And although two people may have a similar title, the responsibilities will differ from company to company. Leadership begins by asking specific questions on job interviews. It’s essential to learn the requirements of each available position. The benefit of interviewing for multiple jobs is that you can compare and contrast the expectations for better selection.

As you grow professionally, keep an eye on the leaders you like and dislike. Observation is one of the best training tools available and without cost. The traits you come to dislike are the ones to avoid when it’s your turn to lead.

Deliver the best and leave the worst behind. The ultimate route is to teach those coming up from behind what you learn along the way. The title of this blog, How you lead predicts results, rings true every time.


Sales Tips: How You Lead Predicts Results

  1. Keep a running list of traits in leaders that you dislike
  2. Add to your list what you most admire
  3. Adapt the likable qualities to your style
  4. Practice varying elements of leadership and observe how they come across
  5. Develop an inclusive environment for all
  6. Ask for feedback on how you are doing
  7. Make adjustments moving forward
  8. Devote yourself to continuing education
  9. Motivate others to pursue their movement forward
  10. Celebrate Success!


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