Ideas to Inspire Motivation, Productivity and Teamwork in Your Staff

If you are running a team of staff, it’s likely your first priority to keep them productive. And to keep them productive, it stands to reason that you need to keep them motivated and working as a team. These are big concepts that can influence behavior, and therefore might turn a bunch of random strangers into a well-oiled machine. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to inspire motivation, productivity, and teamwork, read on. We’ve got a guide filled with ideas to hit each of them. 


Motivational benefits and bonuses

Benefits are a great incentive to attract new employees. In fact, some people rely on them. They are an attractive perk of the job, allowing your employees more reason to stay with your company than just a monthly salary. So, you can see how this can invoke a lot of company loyalty. Your staff will use the incentive as extra motivation to do well in their job, making for a nice boost in production too. 

Ideas for benefits can range from the practical, like a company car or commute budget, to healthy like dentist benefits, gym memberships, therapy, or it might even be the idea of flexible working. 

But if you really want to boost motivation and production, you can offer bonuses for good work. Not only will you be rewarding good work, but also encouraging it. Your staff will have more motivation to do better work in the future, knowing there is a potential bonus at the end of it. 

There are even platforms out there that will allow you to manage your bonuses and benefits all from the one platform. You can add a bonus on the go, and with the app installed in their phone, you can send them a quick congratulations and they will be notified of any changes to their benefits. 


Team building events

Team building events are something that puts dread into the rolling eyes of every staff member, and so in order for it to fulfill its purpose, namely bonding a bunch of staff members into a team, it will need to be fun. 

The best team building events organically allow for your team to relax. Not necessarily mentally or physically but know that most rules are off the table. They’re allowed to forget about deadlines and meetings for a day. 

There are loads of ways you can create a team amongst staff members. Host your own trivia night, play laser tag, go on a treasure hunt. As long as it involves teams and an element of working together, you’ve understood the assignment. You can find team building treasure hunts near you by clicking here. 

Any one of these options will give your staff a new environment to interact in, so that they can get to know each other better, and return to the office no longer feeling too awkward to bother someone with the tiniest of problems. 


Productive project management

Productivity is every team manager’s main goal. Motivation and team building are great ways to influence productivity, but it’s all for nothing if you aren’t sure if it’s working. Luckily, in the internet age, there are project management platforms that allow you to better gauge how much is getting done and if more can be done. 

Trello is definitely the most popular option here. You can start the week by assigning tasks to your team and watch as they tick them off throughout the day. You can readdress how long a task will take and adjust accordingly. From that you can see who is pulling their weight and who is slacking off.