In-Store Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

Get some more cash with these in-store marketing ideas to increase sales. Use both subtle and in-your-face tactics to put customers in the buying mood.

With lockdowns and restrictions on business lifting slowly all over the country, it’s time to get back to work. Proprietors of retail shops small and large are opening back up and trying to entice customers to buy, buy, buy. There are many tips, tricks, and tactics that retailers use to tickle that buying bone. Some work better than others, but everything is worth a shot at least once. Use the trial-and-error method of marketing and find out what works well for your business. Foot traffic is an important thing for small shops, but conversion is as important. Once they are in the store, you don’t want them to leave without buying something. Use these in-store marketing ideas to increase sales this year.


Sell Locally Made Products

People like to feel like what they are buying is unique and special. They also like to feel they are part of the community and are helping their friends and neighbors by purchasing their wares. Selling locally made merchandise in addition to your normal offerings will satisfy those needs in the consumer. Most consumer goods can be bought in multiple stores, which is fine. Buyers today want locally made products whenever they are available and will pay more for them than name-brand products.


Have Regular Markdowns

Marking down prices is a tried and true in-store marketing tactic that increases sales. Big box stores do it daily and tell you they are doing it by posting giant signs over giant bins of goods showing how much they marked a product down. Be honest about the markdown, though. Don’t mark something up, just to mark it down. People aren’t that gullible.


Install a Video Wall

If you have a larger store and can accommodate it, install a video wall. They are a great way to engage customers and showcase your brand and products. Video walls can have all kinds of different content on them. Create your own videos for the wall and then use them on a YouTube channel for the store. Advertise specials and promotions on the wall and keep your customers informed about new products.


Get Reviews in Person

Customer reviews are everything right now. People tend to trust local businesses more when they have positive online reviews. Positive reviews will garner credibility and increase foot traffic. If possible, engage customers at point of purchase and ask for a positive review on the spot. Offer a small discount right there if they open their Google account on your in-store tablet and give you a positive review.