Speak Up!

3 Ways You Can Use Volume to Increase Your Communicative Power

Have you ever been in a conversation or at a presentation where you had difficulty understanding the speaker because they didn’t project their voice loudly enough? Not only does speaking too quietly make it difficult for your listener to understand you, but it also can affect how others perceive you. Speaking at a consistently low volume can make you appear as though you lack confidence in yourself and your message, which can significantly damage your image in a professional environment. Projecting your voice makes you sound authoritative and like a natural leader. Take a look at the following strategies to help pump up your voice and let others know that you are saying something worth listening to!

  1. Breathe! Breathing is the power that drives your voice. In order to achieve a strong, clear voice without straining, breathe from your abdomen, not your chest. To feel the correct way to breathe, lie down and take a deep breath. Notice that your ribs expand and your stomach rises, but your chest stays relatively still. Focus on maintaining this type of breathing when you’re speaking to others.
  1. Don’t Drop: Many people habitually drop their volume at the end of their sentences. Typically, the information at the end of a sentence is critical for understanding your message; dropping your volume is not only distracting and unprofessional, but can cause embarrassing misunderstandings. Avoid this pattern and keep your volume strong to the end.
  1. Don’t Shout: There are some situations in which your natural voice isn’t enough to be adequately heard, for example, when speaking in an auditorium or to a large group of people. While you should still maintain a strong, clear volume, it’s important to also modify your environment so you don’t strain and damage your vocal cords. Minimize environmental noise (for example, by shutting the door or windows), and request a microphone. Be sure to do a sound check beforehand so you know how far to stand from your microphone so that you can still be clearly heard, but don’t overpower the audience.


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