Stop Doubting And Start Doing: 3 Tips For Dealing With Doubt

Overcoming doubt requires a mental shift. Tell yourself that you can AND you will.

If we are honest with ourselves, I am sure we all can say that we’ve doubted ourselves at some point or another. We doubt our abilities, we doubt our relationships, we doubt our skills and this list can go on. I have been extremely guilty of this lately. I interviewed for a job recently. Before I even left the interview I said to myself “this job is too big for me”. I said to myself that I wasn’t ready. I wanted the job but I doubted that I could do it. I began to question how I even got to the interview phase and how I landed at this place of talking myself out of this job before it was even offered to me.

After a week passed of not hearing anything- I thought I was off the hook. I told myself that the interviewer must have saw in me what I thought of myself. I just knew she questioned my abilities and wondered how I made it to a face to face meeting with her.

I was wrong. I was extended an offer for the role and I accepted. As I get ready to start this new journey tomorrow, I wanted to share some things I’ve discovered for myself about doubt during this time of transition:

·     You can never achieve something you don’t try

I don’t know how well I will be or not be in this next assignment. However, you can bet your last dollar that I will go into that office trying to give it more than I did the day before. Failing to try limits your ability to see what you are really capable of. Whether it’s the job, the next promotion, the career change, the move of cities, the business you want to open, the job you want to apply for, the blog you want to start… WHATEVER IT IS…. Stop doubting and start doing.

·     Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Too often we think that if something isn’t easy, it must not be worth it. I’ve discovered in the last few weeks that if I don’t get comfortable with being uncomfortable, I will never grow. The thought that came to mind was a woman expecting a child. For 9 months, she experiences discomfort sleeping, body changes, morning sickness and so much more. For 9 months, she is uncomfortable. She has to be uncomfortable so her baby can growAnd at the end of the 9 months, something amazing happens; a beautiful little person is birthed. Uncomfortableness grows us. Expect that in order to reach new levels, being uncomfortable is sometimes necessary. There is no fun, no learning, no development and no growth walking into situations in which you know everything about everything. These things come from walking into environments in which you stand at the intersection of growth and opportunity. Try your very best to see the learning opportunity in every situation no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

·     Doubts don’t define you

Doubts shouldn’t define you. Yes, you have them. We all do, but don’t allow doubts to debilitate you. I refuse to allow my doubts of myself to incapacitate me. We’ve all been guilty of this a time or two. We have doubted ourselves so much that we started to believe those doubts. I took a really important test recently. Although I knew I had studied, I put in the work, I put the studying into practice, I went into the testing center doubting my ability to pass the test. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready, the test was too hard and I couldn’t pass it. And you know what…. I didn’t pass. I allowed my doubts to define me in that moment and they severely incapacitated me. Doubts come from from the fear of the unknown. However, the unknown is apart of the adventure- enjoy the ride.

My abilities will always outweigh my doubts. The moment when I think I can’t is the moment that I can. – Lissa Rae

Overcoming doubt requires a mental shift. Tell yourself that you can AND you will. End of story.

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