The Important Task of Preparing Young People for Employability

Enabling young people to identify a learning journey that will provide the skills needed for their desired career is imperative to support their needs.

A huge emphasis on grouping skills and providing study aids is key to success and ensuring that the pathway taken is filled with passion and purpose can avoid unnecessary drop out or lack of enthusiasm.

These are the things we know about providing a robust learning experience that will result in a happy and healthy young professional embarking on a bright and profitable future. So we tick the boxes and provide enriching experiences in the chosen field of study to engage and inspire, but what about employability?

Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are often overlooked or seen as ‘soft skills’ but how important is it as an educational establishment to ensure that young people are armed with a toolkit for a successful professional career. Think about it, you have taught them everything they need to know about the industry they have chosen, but what happens when it comes to dealing with conflict in the workplace or understanding what is needed to become an authentic and fearless team member or future leader?

A successful employability programme should compliment any course that a young person chooses to study and create a learning mindset. By providing a course that is focused on employability you can support day to day learning with a personalised course that develops confidence and business skills and eliminates fear and emotional stress which can result in sicknesses and poor attendance. Previously these courses were seen as a ‘nice to have’ but with increasing mental health issues impacting workplaces can we really afford to ignore the importance? With access to intelligent software that can allow universities and workplaces to measure impact and create tailor made coaching and mentoring for each individual, we have reached a time to support our young professionals 360 degrees. It’s time to create young professionals that approach the world of work with an understanding of responsibility, accountability and have a deep respect for the workplace and colleagues they have chosen. The results speak for themselves.


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Empower Impact

‘I was invited to the the programme, not knowing exactly what to expect, the room was filled with many inspiring people and an amazing energy, I loved the case studies (videos and examples used, not only was I able to resonate with the theories, concepts and notions we talked about, but was challenged about certain views I had and was able to see another side to those. some of the things I really enjoyed were the visualisation exercises and learning about how we control most things that happen to us and we can bring about a change no matter what, something like this which never gets taught in schools and is such a key tool to having a purposeful life should be taught from a young age, where society would become much better if we can implement even 1% of the key learnings from this programme.’ Shwetal Shah, youth participant


Youth Empowerment Programme Stats

77% of participants reported higher confidence and self esteem

88% agreed that Empower had provided them with the necessary tools to be successful in life

100% of participants agreed that they take more responsibility for their own futures since the course

100% agreed that Empower has shown them how to have more respect for themselves and others

77% of participants now take more accountability for their actions

77% reported a more open mindset

100% of participants agreed that shine had made them more aware of their own wellbeing and mental health

77% agree that Empower has helped them to be more compassionate to others beliefs

100% Strongly Agree that Empower should be available in education



Written by RoundTable Global International Head of Projects Tanith Harding

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