Top Tips For Improving Your Company’s Delivery Performance

Delivery performance can impact how a customer perceives your business. For your company to stand out, you want to ensure that you have a positive reputation, especially regarding your delivery performance.

With large corporations offering same-day delivery operations, you want to ensure that you stand out amongst the competition. The best way to do so is by being on top of improving your delivery efficiency wherever you can.

To help ensure that customers are satisfied with the delivery performance of your company, here are a few tips to help you achieve this goal.

Be On Top Of Inventory
Inventory management is crucial. It is an essential process that needs to be optimised. By improving inventory management, you can help to make your entire business more productive and efficient. As a result, you will notice an increase in your customer satisfaction rates.

If you operate within an industry that is brimming with competition, you want to ensure that you have a cost-effective inventory process. Use the technology available to improve your company’s inventory management. It will help you to cut costs and elevate your order processing and shipment.

Provide A Clear Timeframe
After a customer places an order, provide them with a clear timeframe for when they should expect to receive the item(s). When you make this commitment to a customer, you must fulfil this promise. As such, you need to ensure that you and your team are doing everything to ensure this commitment is fulfilled. The speed at which you fulfil the order is not a dealbreaker.

However, delivering the order in the timeframe set is essential. It can influence whether a customer chooses to purchase from your business again. If you failed to fulfil the order in the promised time and provided minimal updates, customers will be unlikely willing to repurchase from you in the future.

Invest In A Transport Management System
A transport management system controls transportation costs, manages employees and meets customer expectations, amongst other duties involved in running a warehouse and coordinating shipments.  

If your business has not yet invested in a transport management system, it is a worthwhile investment your company should make. 

Transport management systems are one of the best platforms available on the market to help you successfully manage your business. It can support you in increasing efficiency in your delivery processes.

Such as this transport management system from TransVirtual, can help you to improve efficiency in your company. It could enable you to save costs in numerous areas. These include contract negotiation, as well as shipping and ordering.

Learn From Past Mistakes
You have likely implemented processes into your business that have failed. There might be various reasons why these processes or solutions were unsuccessful. It could be not being implemented correctly or not be best suited for your business. These failed attempts or processes can help you move forward.

You can learn from these mistakes made or moments where things went wrong. You can use them to improve your company’s delivery performance, to ensure that you meet expectations.

Encourage Customer Feedback
In the delivery process, one of the most important parts is the customer. Their experience with your business impacts your company and its reputation. Whether their experience is positive or negative, they are likely to leave a review online. The reviews online about your business is what potential customers will take into consideration. As such, you want to ensure that the reviews left online about your business are positive and encouraging to potential customers.

Knowing how to improve the customer experience can be challenging when working for the business. You are not experiencing your service from another perspective. Collecting customer feedback can be invaluable for your business. It can provide great insight into the customer experience of ordering from your company. You can ask for feedback if they felt as though they were updated enough regarding their order, from processing through to shipment and delivery times.

Customers want to be well-informed regarding their orders. If the money for their purchase goes before they have received their order, they will want regular updates they know when to expect the delivery. Asking them for ways to improve will help you to ensure that you raise your delivery standards and provide exceptional service for future customers.

The Bottom Line
An exceptional delivery service that provides customers with the best experience, can be a time-consuming task to design, implement and then execute. However, the right processes and support can provide your business with a stream of possibilities and opportunities.

When you improve your delivery service, it puts your business at an advantage over your competitors. As a result, you can head into the new year primed and ready to deliver an exceptional service and reap success.