What Do Leadership Traits Mean To You?

We attempt to define leadership traits early in our careers. But few of us have an idea of what we need to do to earn the title of being a leader.  There are many leadership models. It is our job to decide which works best for each of us.

Two questions to ask ourselves will help point us in the right direction:

  1. Which type do we want to be?
  2. How do we want others to remember us?

It is always best to work backward from our long-term vision as we set goals to achieve it.

Have you ever wondered why some people give the instruction, ‘you should do…’? We each know best where our unique passion and strengths lie or put our talent to use. Many of us realize that others view our ideas seen as out of the ballpark, and they soon mock the unusual. We need to be strong-willed and motivated to continue down the path that we desire.

Months or years may pass until we realize the significance of our unique path. And it takes longer for many of us to experience our journey working to our satisfaction. It’s possible that being stubborn is one aspect of grooming leadership traits. However, stubbornness is to embrace not just one task but a broad scope for what is to be.

“Underlying the road to leadership is in maintaining the motivation and the mindset never to give up.”

  • Honesty
  • Admission of errors
  • Consistency in all that we do

Our unique personal brand and company branding are dependent upon our integrity. Prospects and clients need to know that they can depend upon and trust us before making a purchase or investing with us.

Being a top sales producer feels good, but it’s only a fleeting moment in time. The same applies to all the other honors we may earn. We can choose to boast about the recognition as many do endlessly. But, an inflated ego turns off many, only to see the spotlight quickly dim.

The better approach for developing leadership traits is to teach and encourage others. The idea is the opposite of what most of us initially believe to be true. One key element is that we are to model what we say. The idea is to motivate and inspire others to achieve their best version of themselves. However, to do so, we are to unconditionally continue moving forward to be the best we can be.

“The pursuit of doing our best gives us insights to help others do the same.

Occasionally, a varying type of pain is a part of the process.

Be forewarned that stubbornness is both an asset and potentially a detriment. The trait is a gift helping us to continue on our unique paths. On another level, we sometimes find ourselves all alone. At times, the situation can get us down. T problematic question becomes, ‘should I quit?’At this very moment, give yourself a pep talk saying, ‘you will find the way!’

The fortunate ones will eventually find one, and then several like-minded people committed to standing by us, and lend their support.

Accordingly, the following lyrics by Ben E. King, ‘Stand by Me,’are included in Today’s post:

Stand by Me, by Ben E. King

When the night has come

And the land is dark

And the moon is the only light we’ll see

No, I won’t be afraid

Oh, I won’t be afraid

Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

You may wonder how the lyrics, Stand by Me, apply to leadership.

Experience shows us that on occasion, we and others do the following:

  • Go down a path that severely affects what is working.


Encourage action on something not previously tested

  • Promote people on personality rather than talent
  • Hire the wrong people who bring down employee morale
  • Fail


Avoid the above issues by doing the following:

  1. Establish an admired standard of ethics
  2. Provide constant support along the way
  3. Build credibility and trust among peers and employees

Know that, at best, a few peers will stand by you. Everyone makes errors. Those willing to accept the fact will be there to support each of us. What matters most in grooming leadership skills is in caring and helping others. The skillset in which we excel and enjoy can benefit many.   


Building A Robust Audience Is On The Path To Leadership

The better social media strategy embraces successful selling skills. Being social gives way to expanding our service to others. For example, when a profile on LinkedIn catches your attention, reach out to the person, and ask for a short conversation.

Many times, the initial conversation will produce immediate ideas, new introductions, and unexpected opportunities.



Leadership embraces sales strategy. It is about taking the time to recognize the similarities between the person requesting the connection and ourselves. The spirit of grooming leadership traits is in working to help one another, and communities at large.


Grooming Leadership Traits

Working a job can be challenging due to little satisfaction. But with planning, learning, and goal setting, you can find either a better job or create your own business. Either way, it isn’t all fun, but the satisfaction is more significant than just mulling along.


Give Thought To These Questions:

  • If someone is to hand you a magic wand, what would you wish for in your career?
  • When you think about that something, does a smile come over you?
  • Are you ready to get started on your exciting journey?

When you are on social platforms, do you research the profiles of more advanced people in a similar career? Take the time to review their content and their connections. Ask to connect and possibly have a conversation. You may learn something new in the process and potentially create new opportunities and introductions.

Last, as you learn and connect, consider how someone else may want to learn from you. How can you hone your talent into usable information for others?

Balancing the give and take goes a long way for improving possibilities and outcomes!