Why Are We To Sell With Enthusiasm?

Connect Heart-to-Heart with Clientele

Quiet time that includes soul-searching will help answer the question, Why are we to sell with enthusiasm? Without excitement, few take interest in what we have to offer and then our commitment declines. In the end, minimal accomplishment reveals itself.

The doldrums of being on the job can dissuade one from putting in an all-out effort to excel.  And an increase in quota for salespeople may be the final call to find a new job.

For entrepreneurs, the forever learning curve, investment expense, and negativity from many will cause most to re-think what they are doing.  All the while enthusiasm is what influences prospects to purchase.  A sour mood discourages business while encouraging us to move toward another direction.  Often, the other direction is not what we want but view it as a ‘have to do.’


The Reason Is…

Most of us can find every reason imaginable as to why something is not working well.  When it comes to being on the job, our minds often point to management.  And then we tell ourselves it’s time to quit and move on.  But, even if our reasoning proves to be valid, we are to uphold responsibility on our end. 

Often, commitment fades away as other routes gain our attention.  Without thinking things through, we can quickly get into a sinkhole that is far more difficult to climb.

Before making a switch, beware of the brutal truth:

To make a fruitful switch,

there is a need for appearing to be already successful.

Up until the last day of employment or in our entrepreneurship, we have to be committed to excellence in every aspect. Otherwise, recruiters will hear our excuses and avoid hiring us.  And potential buyers will avoid investing in our business.


Enthusiasm Sells! 

A Dale Carnegie public speaking class taught me that we need to be ten times as enthusiastic as we might otherwise be when speaking to individuals or a group.  Excitement is contagious and moves the adrenaline within us on high. When others hear the excitement in our voice, and see our high energy, we naturally influence more people to do business with us.

My solution is to figure out what needs to come next so that I can peacefully move forward instead of allowing stress to reveal itself.  As an employee, I would always strive to be at the top of the sales scoreboard so that I could share exciting stories at the next job interview. 


At crossroads, I ask myself:

  • What needs to improve
  • What will motivate me to gain a return of enthusiasm
  • Should I succeed to the next level, what will come next
  • Is it time to move up the career ladder
  • What will I enjoy doing that will carry my enthusiasm forward?

For some, the process may seem tedious and time-consuming. However, I find upon considering all the new possibilities; enthusiasm begins to build once again.  As the new plan unfolds, I then start sharing with my friends.  More ideas add to the original and magically, it seems, doors of opportunity begin to open wide.

Conveying our enthusiasm, in all forms of communication, will often influence the decision of others to our favor.


Come To Terms With Enthusiasm

Employees generally find that the more difficult times to sell with enthusiasm are after holiday celebrations and summer vacation. Holidays and vacations are a time of doing what you want to do.  It isn’t easy to return to a stack of requirements, especially with management hounding you to do better. Worse is seeing enthusiasm for each day falling by the wayside.

Should you feel your enthusiasm in decline, answer these questions:

  • Which part of work deflates my mood
  • What are my next moves to improve where I am
  • Assuming I can make things better, do I want to remain or try something new
  • Which direction will see a return and increase of enthusiasm
  • Are there classes I need to take
  • How will my life improve?

As you envision life improving on your terms, a spark of excitement will ignite.  The trick is to maintain a focus on what excites you now and into the future. All the while, continue to set new goals.  Your new focus will have your enthusiasm back on high for the long-term!


Sales Tip Recap:

  1. Come to terms as to why you aren’t excited about your work
  2. Chart out what is to improve to reinvigorate enthusiasm
  3. Share ideas with friends for more possibilities to come forth
  4. Upon hearing a strange suggestion, consider it from all angles
  5. Be open to new possibilities
  6. Take a calculated risk on an idea that will potentially work
  7. Keep track of the revision of steps, the pros and cons, and outcomes
  8. Revise your learning steps to enhance the new goals
  9. Communicate all you do with enthusiasm
  10. Celebrate Success!