4 Ways To Make Staff Augmentation Work For Your Business

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It’s known that having the right employees can boost the success of any project. In most cases, if the in-house team doesn’t have the required skills, some companies look for more qualified personnel. This way, they’re able to meet their specific project objectives. 

On the other hand, hiring isn’t always an easy process. It takes a significant amount of money and time. Usually, a firm must advertise the vacant position, conduct interviews, and train the new workers.

Meanwhile, having full-time employees for a short-term project can be costly for a company. It’s because, once the work is done and the required objectives have been met, the firm finds itself with excess employees. Hence, the cost of sustaining these workers can be expensive in the long run. To avoid this inconvenience, many companies are now considering staff augmentation.


What Is Staff Augmentation?

In simple terms, staff augmentation is when you add some experts to your team on a short-term basis based on the additional skills you need for a specific project. In this case, you contact an agency that provides this service and then explain to them the kind of talent you need. After doing so, the company will give you the best candidates they have. 

Today, staff augmentation is quite popular. Therefore, finding a good agency for your needs may be easier. You can seek Nexinfo Business Operations Consulting Firm or ask for referrals from friends who’ve tried this model of hiring in their business. 


How To Fully Benefit From Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation has several benefits. It allows you to access top-quality skills, increasing the likelihood of achieving the best results on a project. Additionally, you’ll save the time and finances you’d use in recruitment and the cost of hiring full-time employees. 

Moreover, this model may also be more preferred than others, such as complete outsourcing. Instead of another company taking over your project with the model mentioned, you have full control since everything is done in-house. 

To enjoy the benefits above, you must make staff augmentation work for you. Here’s how:


1. Identify A Project With A Limited Time Frame

Staff augmentation is thought to work best for projects with a limited time frame, preferably short-term ones. For instance, this hiring scheme might be suitable if you want to create an application or website for your business. In this case, getting a highly skilled developer on a short-term basis for the project is much better. 

For maintenance, your in-house information technology (IT) team can help. Alternatively, you can outsource this service to save money on the cost of sustaining full-time IT employees. 


2. Find The Existing Talent Gaps In Your Company

You also have to identify the existing talent gaps in your organization to make staff augmentation work for you. To do so, first establish the goals you’d like to attain with your project. After that, identify the objectives and results you want to achieve, develop the project’s timeline, and establish milestones. 

After doing all that, find out what your in-house team can do and what you can’t achieve with them. This way, you’ll quickly identify the existing gap in your company regarding skills and expertise. Upon establishing the gaps in your firm, staff augmentation will help you bridge them and achieve your intended project goals.


3. Choose A Good Agency 

You’ll also achieve more with the staff augmentation model if you work with a good agency. Therefore, ensure thorough vetting before settling on any company. Consider choosing a reputable firm that has been in the business for a long time. 

In addition, the agency must have handled various projects similar to yours and should have good testimonials or reviews from past clients. Compare different agencies’ rates to find an affordable firm.


4. Be A Great Leader

You can also play a part in ensuring staff augmentation works for your business. Essentially, make sure you’re a good leader. This could enhance the success of your short-term team. 

A better leader establishes their expectations, encourages open and honest communication, and promotes a positive attitude in the company. Also, they share tips for motivation to ensure productivity and respect people’s differences to maintain harmony in the work area. 

Besides that, they also recognize top achievers and help others improve their performance. This way, employees become more emotionally and cognitively dedicated to their work.



Staff augmentation has become quite popular today. Many companies prefer this hiring model because it helps them effectively bridge the skills gap in their existing workforce, especially for short-term projects. The model is favored because it’s thought to be more cost-effective than the traditional recruitment methods.

If you’d like to consider staff augmentation for your next project, this article provides some steps to ensure the hiring model works for you. As advised, you should first identify a project with a limited time frame and then find the existing talent gaps in your company. After that, choose a good agency to source your short-term employees and be a great leader.