3 Tips for Supporting Other Professional Women

Tips on how you can successfully support other professional women.

In our modern age, being a woman can be defined as being as limitless as space itself. The archetype of the “modern woman” is no longer relevant, with women increasingly getting more freedom worldwide to express themselves and live their best lives, no matter what that life looks like.

However, being a confident, strong woman all of the time also takes incredible strength in a world where there are still some battles that need to be fought. For this reason, it’s important that women support each other in every situation possible. In fact, it’s been shown that by supporting each other in workplaces, women can instill more confidence and good faith that makes it even more possible to be dynamic, inspiring people. Websites like Girlboss make supporting women easier than ever, acting as a community in which women can create content and inspire each other. To help you support the professional women in your life, we’ve made this list of 3 tips that are essential for this fight.


Build or become part of a community

Inspiration and collective faith are traits best fostered in a community. Though you can join websites like Girlboss that help facilitate a community between women, you can also look into opportunities in your local area to help create spaces for women to come together and support each other. In most cities, there are groups directed toward women, just a women in business or some other industry. You can also volunteer at charities directed toward helping women and meet great professional ladies in this endeavour. If you can’t find a place in your community to connect with other professional women, creating one can often be the best step forward! Start a business book club or monthly dinner club and get to know the women around you.


Age is just a number

Though it may be easier to congregate around women who are in your age group, you’d be surprised at how it can often be better to expand your friend circles to include women of all ages. Besides, your elders are also the women who have fought before you for equal rights, so supporting them is the best way to show your gratitude for their perseverance!


Celebrate instead of denigrate

One of the most common ways to actually work against the cause of uniting women is to put down other women or be in unnecessary competition. To avoid this problem, focus on celebrating and promoting the work of others and avoiding getting in competitions with other women if not necessary. You’d be surprised at how many unnecessary contests can separate more than join us together!

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