With Whom Do You Compete?

Our Uniqueness Redefines Competition

Do You Compete with Yourself?

If you are like most top sales producers, you ignore others and only compete with yourself. The many representatives in the field are not seen as competitors because we are each one of a kind.

My Story of How I Compete

Everyone, including me, experiences good days and bad days. On the worst days, I tell myself that tomorrow will be better. Until then, I do my best to examine not only what went wrong, but how I may improve. Each day is a test of resilience and preparation for an improved tomorrow.

On better days, I heed the advice from a coach of long ago. I examine each success in detail to figure out how I may leverage the outcome. Ideas come and go as I contemplate adding to what is already in place for a more robust program.

Another approach I take to compete with myself is that of continued personal development. I’m not afraid to admit what I don’t know. The honesty allows me to learn from others, the instruction found in a Google Search, and by taking formal classes. I view the exercise similar to going to a gym to build muscle. But in this case, the growth stage is that of increased knowledge.

All of the hard work pays off in two ways. First, I see improvement albeit baby steps, and second, reward arrives in the acknowledgment I receive for helping others. If I weren’t vigilant in competing with myself, I would be doing something unrelated to growing business. The goal is always to learn, help others, and continually grow through the years. On occasion, I look back to my original starting point, and that brings about a big smile.

In one sense, I’ve come full circle. My first sales job was less than desirable; in fact, it was downright awful. But exceptions always take place. On one special day, the Sales Manager decided to treat us to a Tony Robbins seminar unlike anything previously witnessed. The experience stayed with me. Recently, his group asked if I would like to help promote their personal development program and more. “Yes!’ was the immediate answer.

Your Story About How Your Compete

You probably experience days where frustration sets in. Nothing seems to work out right, and you aren’t certain of what to do next. The idea of finding a or job or starting your own business may come to mind. There are always pros and cons associated with each thought. For more insight, read “Do You Weigh the Pros and Cons?” 

The better first step is to get your mindset into a positive framework. Review your previous accomplishments and give yourself a pep talk that you can get past. Equally important is to acknowledge whether you need a mentor, a formal program or a class to get you to the next level of your career. FYI, I have done all of the above throughout my career and entrepreneurship.

How Do You Compete?

Keep an eye on the top performers in your field

Watch the successes of your peers or those in your office

With a focus on your long-term vision, do you strive to improve tomorrow?

The reason to watch the success of those nearby is to gain ideas and potentially have conversations with them. Offering a meal sometimes gives way to receiving insight on improvements to make.

In the end, you are the one who will either hold you back or move you forward. Every decision affects future outcomes. In this regard, there is no competition except for negative self-talk. Get rid of negativity and you are half-way to where you want to be. By building an arsenal of knowledge, positive thinking, and motivation to keep trying in spite of setbacks, you can achieve what it is you desire.

Sales Tips to Compete
  1. Each evening record what worked and what did not measure up
  2. Create the next day plan based on improvements and new ideas
  3. Make it a habit to monitor and record the day’s activities each evening
  4. Observe the success of others to gain new ideas
  5. Always maintain your identity and approach to work as you adapt new thought
  6. Put the goals of your clientele ahead of yours
  7. Serve clients well in every regard
  8. Be transparent in all you do
  9. Ask for feedback to make further improvement
  10. Celebrate Success!

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